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Campervan Hire Booking
4WD Rental Hire Australia

Gibb River Road 4WD Hire

Gibb River 4WD Hire Australia

Cheap 4WD Rental for Backpackers on a budget

Explore one of Australia’s most revered and remote wilderness locations – the Gibb River Road! Wicked 4WD Hire is perfectly based in Broome and Darwin, offering One Way rentals and cheap daily rates for the ultimate Kimberly’s 4WD Experience!

Cape Leveque

About 220kms North of Broome, Cape Leveque is an oasis in the desert. The water is a fluorescent blue and so clear you can see the stingrays swim precariously around your feet. It feels like you’ve reached the end of the earth up there - and it’s hard to believe this land is connected to the concrete jungles of the East. But you’ll need a trusty Wicked 4WD Hire vehicle to get there, it’s all dirt tracks once you head north of Broome and jump off the Great Northern Highway.

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Windjana Gorge & Bell Gorge

Boab Trees are everywhere in the Kimberly’s. They’re amazing looking trees - they literally look like something out of a Tim Burton film. In the 1800’s policeman and settlers would use the trees to temporarily detain prisoners. Windjana Gorge is an astonishing sight - apparently it was a coral reef about buzzillion years ago... It’s also a great place to park the 4WD for the night and watch the stars above.

Tunnel Creek

Tunnel Creek

The Tunnel Creek Cave System is mind-blowing and full of life - bats, frogs, fish....freaky! Definitely worth a look if you’re on the Gibb! Bell Gorge and Bell Falls are typical of the area - AMAZING! The water in Bell Falls runs year round and we made the 20 minute walk down to the river below, where you’re free to swim and take a chill.

Cockburn Range

The Cockburn Range

The Pentecost River Crossing is a nice little challenge and the scenery continues to amaze. The problem with the Gibb River Road - like most natural wonders - is that you just can’t capture the ancientness, the size and the beauty of the land. Long fields of Sahara Grass soon give way to Boab Trees and red, red dirt and it feels like the last thing you’d expect to see is water - but there’s Gorges everywhere! Park the 4WD and go for a swim – just watch out for crocs baby!

Bungle Bungles

Bungle Bungles

If you want to see the Bungle Bungles then you need to take into account that it’s around 250kms south of Kununnurra. But it’s worth it – the Bungles (Purnululu National Park) are amazing and the orange and black domes have borne witness to sacred aboriginal rituals for over 20,000 years.

Remember though – you can only ride the dirt tracks if you hire a 4WD – so you kids who’ve hired a 2WD Campervan need to stick to the Great Northern Hwy!

Want to hire a Wicked 4WD vehicle and explore the Kimberley region? Well give us a call on 1800 24 68 69 or grab a quote online here:

4WD Hire and Rental has never been so awesome! With 4WD hire specialist centres located in Perth, Broome, Exmouth, Darwin, Cairns and Alice Springs, Wicked 4WD Rental is the place to start an epic 4WD adventure!


Wicked 4WD Rental Australia

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